About Us

At Nolan Kitchens we believe that the kitchen is the true heart of your home. We have been in business for over 45 years honing the art of the perfect kitchen. We begin with you, your desires, your needs, your dreams. At Nolans we stand over all our work. This has been our approach and is why we are in business for over forty years.

Our Approach

  • Consultation

    Make an appointment to visit the kitchen showroom, and start the journey on your new kitchen.

    Meet our experts to explore the best design options for your space. Explore the best way to spend your budget, and leave with an understanding of our approach to creating your dream kitchen.

    The kitchen designer has to understand your budget to ensure we can design the best options for your project.

  • Design Review

    Having explored your preferred kitchen styles, accessories and appliances during your initial consultation, the kitchen designer will ring to make an appointment to share and review the design options with you in the showroom.

    We will discuss the costs of the various options you are considering and prepare an official quote.

  • Booking Deposit

    Once the kitchen design and costs are agreed, we prepare a contract file for the ‘build and installation’ of your new kitchen.

    At this stage each party commits to the project at the price and specification agreed.

    A booking deposit is paid the project moves on to the next stage of the process, ‘site survey’.

  • Site Survey

    A site surveyor will arrange a suitable time to call to the address to assess the room and confirm all measurements.

    During this survey, we will identify where the electrical sockets and extraction opening should be located in your kitchen for your electrician and plumber.

  • Installation

    Depending on the size of the Kitchen the installation is generally completed over a two day period.

    The solid worktop is installed with 5 working days.

Our happy customers

Your kitchen is your own personal empire, a unique expression of who you are. We create inviting spaces that make your kitchen the heart of your home, read some of our testimonials...